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Geospatial Conference in Tunis (GCT) 2013
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German GeoConsultants Group
Geospatial Conference in Tunis (GCT) 2013

The German GeoConsultants Group organizes the GCT conference series in Tunis to assist in the development of the geospatial industry and market in the in the North African region and beyond. We are aiming to bring international companies, their experience and technical know-how to the region with the annual GCT conferences.

North Africa stands to benefit from geospatial data and services in many ways, especially through much improved infrastructure planning, management and maintenance processes, the resulting cost savings, improved services to its citizens and the large number of direct and related jobs created through this key geospatial data and services industry.

Please visit the GCT conference website at www.gct-tunisia.com for more information on the GCT2012 and the upcoming GCT2013 (Feb. 18 - 22).

      The registration form for the GCT2013 can be downloaded here.

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